Saturday, September 30, 2006

No Pizza for Buddy!

It's Friday night and dinner time for the humans. They are eating pizza in front of that noisy box thing. I wait patiently.

I already had my canned dog food tonight. But sometimes the other human gives me a small piece of steak or something, when they are done. So I watch their plates intently, waiting and hoping.

But they finish, and there's nothing left! I keep waiting, hoping. I check their plates, I look sad at them. But no-one is noticing that I am starving here!

So I hop down from the couch and go over to the other human, and I cry. He just looks at me, "What's wrong?"

So I cry some more, but still there's no food offered!

Well, there is nothing left to do but jump up on his lap, and sulk. I am starving and no-one cares...


Anonymous said...

I think it's just despicable that they would treat you like that!! If you were MY dog I would definitely let you have pizza....and whatever else you wanted. Eggs maybe?? I mean the WHOLE egg too, not just some pan scrapings!!!!!!

Signed, A friend

Toby said...

I feel for you buddy. I can never predict when I'm gonna get some yummy human food. I wish mommy & daddy would just give me some everytime so I don't have to play this guessing game! How cruel!!

PS: We LOVE your blog!~

malt licks,