Sunday, October 01, 2006

How Dare You!?

Buddy sniffing the fence

"A dog’s territory is its world and will do anything to protect it."

That human named "Bobby" came by my house with his two dogs - a rottweiller and a boxer. And they marked my fence!! Three times each!!

Wow! Did that ever make me angry! I jumped up and barked at them - over and over! I looked at my
humans, just sitting there -
Buddy gathering information for next time
didn't they know that these wild dogs were invading our territory???

I had to get down from my look-out perch and race to the back-door, hoping to catch them in the act.

But no matter how much I raced, how much I barked and yipped, my humans are too slow opening the door and let me out. The dogs were gone.

But I spent a long time, sniffing along the fence, gathering information about these intruders, ready for next time!

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