Friday, September 29, 2006

Come in Out of the Rain!

Buddy up in the windowMy humans were playing "clean the gutters" so I thought I would join them outside. Visit with my friends at the front fence, and generally keep an eye on things for them.
My top human was on the driveway, the other human up on top of the house. I, of course, was stuck behind the fence.

Every time my top human walked up the driveway, I would race back to the back door, so I could beat her there. But I think she was just playing, because when I ran back to the front yard, she was STILL on the driveway.

buddy looking out the window Well, that was fun for a while, then the human on top of the house thought it would be funny to make it "rain" on me!!

I don't like getting wet! If it's raining outside, I won't go out to do my business. I'll wait, thank you very much!

I didn't know where to run, the "rain" followed me everywhere! So I decided to find a safer vantage point. Somewhere I could watch them, yet be safe from the "rain"!

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