Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's Not Fun Being Green

Buddy dancing There she goes, running out the door again! That ringing thing called her, saying one of our lesser humans was sick, and off she went. Again!

A few minutes later, and she's back! She mumbled something about forgetting to turn off the stove, but I know she really came back for me. So I jumped and danced for her, till she scooped me up and took me with her to the car.

But I could tell she was worried, so I just sat still on the back seat, worrying myself. When we turned onto the on-ramp of the highway, there was a police car & three policemen standing there. My human's worry range increased. I know she was thinking about the sick human, and how much this would delay us if they waved us over.

So I hopped up to the window and let the policemen know I had everything under control. So they waved us on, and my human drove on with relief. So I thought for sure she would open the window then in thanks, so I could get a good sniff of all the passing smells. But no, even when I whimpered, she didn't open the window.

Finally we were off the highway, and the windows opened! Ahh! I love the passing smells, so much information, it's a rush!!

I thought we could get out for a good sniff & marking session when we arrived, but as soon as the lesser human got in, she turned around and drove off again. Well, between her worry, and the sickness feeling coming off the lesser human, my poor little tummy just couldn't take any more.

Yes, I got carsick! Oh, the shame of it all...

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