Thursday, September 28, 2006

Did I finish all my food today?

I love dinner time. That's when they finally feed me the "good" stuff! The canned dog food. Sure, I could eat the dry dog food in my dish any time, but the canned food is what I get really excited about! Mmm...

By 5:30 PM, I start reminding my humans it's dinner time. I don't know why they don't eat then, I'm hungry - it's Dinner Time! Sometimes I stand over my dry dog food and pretend to eat it, so they get the idea that I'm hungry. Doesn't usually work, but maybe one day they will understand me.

Finally they get the dog food can, and put some in my bowl. I gobble it up in just a few seconds and then go check if they are offering any more. Then back to my bowl to see if I forgot any. I always go back and check one my bowl more time before bed-time - who knows, I might have missed some food!

They have a special little room that they keep all the cold food in. If someone leaves the door open, I run right over to look at all the food. I don't know why they try to palm off that boring dry food on me, when they have so much food in storage? I wish I could get some of their food!

My human caught me looking at the food last night, and asked if I was still hungry? I bounced around and wagged my tail! Yes, Please!!

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