Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Celtic Walk in the Park

As usual, I was hiding upstairs as my humans prepared to go out. They were calling me, but no way was I getting locked in the kitchen again! But when my top human came to the stairs with the LEASH, I came racing down because I knew that meant a WALK!

It was all I could do to sit still, so she could put on my leash, and out the door I ran, straight to the car. We were going on a
Celtic Walk in the Park. I don't know what Celtic means, but I do know the park means OTHER DOGS to meet and sniff!!

I met lots of new friends! Scotty thought he knew all about this Celtic thing, but I think he was a bit too full of himself, just because he was Scottish!

Mollie was so cute, I just had to get to know her! She was kind of shy though.

Barkie was so excited, he was running around barking at me - you can't even see him in the picture! But if you look close, his human is holding him in her arms, so I can give him a good sniff.

Joey was running loose, so we had a nice sniff around each other. His human said Joey was a big fierce dog, just like me, so I knew we would be friends!

I was so excited myself, that I kept choking myself on my collar. My human started talking about getting me a harness vest, but don't you think I would look dumb dressed all silly and "foufou" like that???

Finally it was time to go home, because I really needed a drink! But there I was, lapping up that cool, refreshing water, and thinking that an early dinner and a nap sounded perfect just about now. When I hear my humans walk out the door, saying, "We'll be back, be good."

But, but, but... what about my early dinner????

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