Saturday, September 23, 2006

9:30AM and NO treat!

When my top human got up this morning to go in that little room, I jumped off the bed, eager to go out & do my business too, so I could get my morning treat. Instead, she calls down to one of the lesser humans to let me out.

Well, I did my business and race back upstairs for my morning treat. She goes back to bed! I was patient, I curled up on the bed, waiting, napping. So patient.

But by 9:30, I'd had enough. I started whimpering, I needed my treat! She looks at me, and foolishly asks me, "What's wrong?" Well, it's 9:30AM, I stare back, and I have no treat!

You would think that would be enough, but no, she just laughs and talks to the other human. Then she has to go into the little room, and stand under the falling water. She has to put on her body fur, brush her head fur, and make the bed! I was so insulted, I didn't even help by doing my "happy dog" on the bed.

Finally we go downstairs - I almost didn't go down with her, I was so frustrated. But in the end, with the knowledge that a treat was finally coming, I raced down the stairs.

Then the final indignity - she makes me go out AGAIN before she will give me my treat!

Ah well, now the other human is making breakfast!! Mmm...

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