Thursday, October 26, 2006

Buddy & the Brush

I've got the evil brush! No-one is going to be able to brush me now. I HATE being brushed! I stole it when my human tried to brush me. Then I beat the brush into submission. Just TRY and take it from me now. I will growl at you!
I am holding the brush hostage until I get more dog food!


Toby said...

Buddy, you totally have the right idea!~ I hate being brushed too. Next time I'm gonna do what you did.

Just outa curiosity, did you get treats in exchange for the evil brush??


mynameisboo said...

oops! buddy got the brush!

but buddy, you better let them brush you or your hair will get mat and it will no fun for you.

but just so you know, i hate brush too! :-)

wet wet licks