Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Little Bit of Help Would Be Nice?

I found where they left the evil brush, and I tried to get it. I danced, I growled, I whined, I begged. I asked my humans to help me. I stood up and bounced forward, I got a hold of the edge of the table. But I am just too short to reach it! But none of my humans would help me reach the brush!


Boo said...

hey buddy,

i have an idea. is there any stool nearby? push it over and step on the stool and surely you'll be able to reach the table and bury the evil brush in your digging hole! :-)

wet wet licks


Simba said...

Humans can be so mean, anyone would think they didn't want you to have the evil brush!


Simba said...

I'll help you get the brush, I'll come round and you can stand on my back.

Simba xx

Toby said...

Brushes are evil. If you ever get your paws on it, make sure you chew it to a million pieces. Sshh...don't tell the humans I said that.


Buddy said...

Simba - I saw your video of rescuing your bear - so I need your help to get that evil brush!

Boo, pushing chairs or stools is scary, they make lots of noise!

Toby - I never chew things! LOL